The Bodiblast Membership Program Is As Unique As You Are! 

Thank you for joining us and becoming a Bodiblaster!  This membership site was created with you in mind and contains everything needed to assist you in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Here is how it works… 

Step 1:  Pick a nutritional program!

Currently, you have 4 different nutritional programs to choose from.  Each program provides step-by-step instructions, along with meal plans and recipes to make following a program easy and fun...

Step 2:  Pick your workouts!

Choose from our 30 minute Bodiblast video library, or pick from short exercise clips from our video vault to focus on area specific muscle groups.  For even more creative freedom, create your very own YouTube playlist out of our exercise clips. With so many clips to choose from, the combinations of playlists are endless!

Step 3:  Immerse yourself in free content!

Visit our library for additional information, worksheets and articles to help you achieve your goals. Find a tasty meal from hundreds of delicious and healthy downloadable recipes.  Listen to music playlists created to help you get your “sweat" on or download inspirational postcards to help keep you motivated and on-track.  And when its time to relax, watch and listen to our visually stunning meditational videos.

Step 4:  Join Our Private VIP Facebook Group 

This private group is where monthly members share their Bodiblast experiences, connect, and support each other on a path to a healthier lifestyle, while also providing a platform to connect with Bodimatrix coaches.